Omi's ltd.

Omi's is officially closing for business

We have ended our commercial kitchen lease and are done making crackers. It has been a good experience, but the business is not profitable enough to keep it going.

Thank you for your support!

Who We Are

Omi needed a snack that didn’t make her stomach hurt. She found that snack and has been making it for friends and family for years. Full of nutrients, seeds make a great, healthy, versatile snack cracker.  Starting in Boulder, Colorado we are bringing these crackers to the masses. We enjoy them and we hope that you will enjoy them too!

Remember, we make our crackers for YOU! Please send us feedback on what you like or don’t like, flavors, packaging, where you eat them, anything.


The Crackers

Crackers made exclusively from organic seeds and a sprinkling of 6 different seasoning blends. Healthy, tasty, happy.